Moon is waning in Aries, which can evoke feelings of frustration if we don’t see things as going our way. This is because Aries is the sign of personal will. So with Mercury retrograde contributing to miscommunications and technical interruptions and breakdowns you may feel intolerant of the number of obstacles & feel like refusing to play anymore, like a small child throwing a tantrum at the universe.

If you have been pushing for something to happen and can’t see any evidence that you’re making headway, try taking a moment to stop using mental force to make it so or you’re likely to experience headaches. (Aries governs the head.)

Instead, disperse the energy throughout your body through stretching and exercise and invoke guidance & support. This will help you to consider options you hadn’t previously thought of.

Whilst it is advantageous to have a strong sense of determination so we don’t quit when we encounter obstacles, if something isn’t happening gracefully, ease off on applying pressure and consider your options, as it can indicate it isn’t highest will or the right time.

For those of you in the Northern hemisphere, experiencing the fire element of Summer you may feel more hotheaded than usual as Luna moves through the fire sign of Aries, so balance yourself by immersing yourself in water if possible. Water helps us to be flexible and move around obstacles so we don’t try to blast them out of our way.

For those of you in the Southern hemisphere, experiencing Winter, our fuse can be shorter than usual due to feeling overwhelmed by the lack of light. Believe in yourself by reconnecting with your inner fire.

Blessings on your day,


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